• TryScience
    Visit science centres, view live webcams, and try experiments online-all from the comforts of your own home.
  • Science Net
    A detailed guide to Internet science resources, organized by grade level and subject. Prepared by the Toronto Public Library. Canadian sites are specially noted.
  • Zooaction Canada
    Did you know that over 400 Canadian animals and plants are at risk of becoming extinct? Learn more about them and find out what zoos and aquariums are doing to help and get involved. Play games, try a quiz and explore an interactive ecozone map of Canada.
  • EurekAlert
    This is The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s website. Find out about the latest research advances, consult online science glossaries and dictionaries and check out the extensive list of links to science visuals.
  • How Stuff Works
    Curious about how household appliances, electronic devices and various gadgets work? Find out at this site. Browse the extensive archives of questions and answers or ask your own.
  • The Science Club
    Looking for science projects? This is the place to come for hundreds of ideas: experiments, things to build, and research topics. Many links to other useful science sites are also provided.
  • Fun Science Gallery
    Want to know how to build scientific instruments such as microscopes and telescopes? This site will show you how. Intriguing ideas for the science hobbyist plus advice on science fair projects.
  • Science Learning Network
    Aimed at children, this site features content provided by prominent science museums including the Exploratorium and the Franklin Institute. Explore exciting topics in science and try activities at home.
  • Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
    A comprehensive medical site for the general public, featuring up-to-date information on diseases, drugs and treatment.