Call for Volunteers

We would like to begin a Reading Tutors program with some of our English grade 2 and 3 students. This program involves intensive reading support for students. We would like to run a four week block from November 15 to December 10th. The children would be set up to read with an adult everyday or every other day. In schools where similar programs have been set up, students have made great gains, especially if the reading occurred every day. We must have volunteers in order to run this program effectively. If you, as a parent (either in the Immersion stream or the English stream) would like to volunteer for that four week block, we (but mostly the children) would be forever grateful. If you know someone who would like to volunteer (a neighbour, a grand-parent, anyone who has time) please pass on the information. Volunteers will be trained! Volunteers will have to commit between ½ an hour to an hour of their time either everyday or every other day for the four weeks. I know it’s a lot but we are hoping that the benefits to the kids will be great! Please call the school for more information or to give your name.

As with all our volunteers, a police check is necessary if you do not have one yet. This process is now free. Call the school for that information.

PS If you want to volunteer, but cannot give as big of a commitment as described above, please let us know anyway. I’m sure you can help in some capacity. Thank you!

~ Mme Monique