There are many wonderful aspects of our school; however, our parking lot is not one of them. We have very few visitor parking spaces available which makes parking very frustrating. To avoid the frustration, we request that if you are driving your child to school that you take a few minutes to arrive early and park in the Church parking lot across the street. The crossing guard is there to assist you in safely crossing the street with your child. This is a great way to practice street safety with your child. We ask that you use the same parking lot after school if possible.

If you must use our parking lot, for drop off or pick up, please drive to the back end of the parking lot by the portables and loop around to the main entrance and drop your child off at the main doors. This area is our “kiss and drive” zone and no parking is permitted. Also, please ensure that you yield to busses upon departure. Thanks for making our parking lot a saner and safer place!