LFPS Library LFPS Parent Advisory Council November 06, 2012

Attendees: Jennifer Mabee, Berta Tesic, Marnie Nelles, Laraine Hale, Jo-Ann Seidel, Angela Field, Melissa Johnston-Hanley, Christie Ferris, Sarah Berthelot, Linda O’Leary, Beckie Kellett, Mandy Jones Marie-France Leclerc, Cheryl Medhurst

1. Welcome & Introductions:

New and returning members provided introductions

Introduction of Student Reps. Alexandra Tesic and Laura Butler

2. Approval of Previous Minutes and Business Arising from Minutes

Move to Accept: Joanne, Seconded by Melissa

3. Parent Council Update and New Developments (Angela)

a. Pizza Fund Raiser: raised $1400 for Parent Council and $590 for Gr. 7/8’s

b. Council Correspondence: presentation of list for mail received in past month; noted mail would be displayed on side table monthly at Parent Council Meetings; suggested that it would be the responsibility of members to review these items and identify any requiring further discussion; request for these items to be placed on agenda

c. .25 cent Sale: previously organized by Joanne and facilitated by Intermediates; seeking volunteers for Thursday December 20 (or evening before, Weds. Dec 19) for set-up. Sign-up sheet circulated.

d. 2012/13 Funding Initiatives, Ideas/Priorities: request for LFPS staff to generate a ‘wish’ list; Some examples include leveled Readers for Gr. 2, Laminator, Document Cameras, mini laptops, tables and French books. Parent Council will engage in a similar process as last year to identify funding initiatives.

4. School Update and News (Linda)

Building Parent Engagement packages distributed.

Council members also shared resources:

“I Do Not Like to Read” Article (Marie-France)

“How to Encourage Literacy at Home” (Marie-France)

Parenting Resilient Children at Home and School (Laraine)

Stress Lessons Toolkit (Laraine)

Swing Set: Total cost projected at $7,813.96; 50% requested from Board; currently on ‘hold’

School Addition: recent information of plans to build addition to LFPS in anticipation of Kindergarten changes. Ground breaking is planned for Summer 2013. Subsequently, swing set construction has been placed on ‘hold’ until a more informed decision re: location may be determined.

ON Student Drug Use: Health Survey letter distributed to Gr 7/8 students informing of OSDUHS process at LFPS

5. District School Council (Linda)

Linda attended recent meeting and extended invitation to others who are interested.

Positive Space: presentation on plaques to be mounted within school (Gr 7/8 wing) as well as video presentation

6. Student Update (Laura and Alexandra)

Fun House: changed theme this year from „Haunted House‟ which proved more profitable raising $250 – donated to Humane Society

Remembrance Day Ceremony: to be created by Student Council and held Friday Nov. 9th

‘Make Our School Beautiful!’: a pilot project which designated the Computer Lab as the „target‟. Plans to fix cupboards, install cork boards to display vibrant pictures and furnish the Lab with resources (i.e. paper, pencils)

T-Shirts: campaign for Gr 7/8‟s; front “I have a purpose…” back “What‟s yours?”; paid for by school; query: whether this could be expanded to T-shirt purchases for other interested students

Me to We: identified leaders; initiatives include penny drive, sale of Raffiki chains, Shoes for Silence (donated to Ghana water source)

Holiday Season: plans for Caroling in the gym over holiday season; may extend to local Nursing Homes

7. Financial Update (Jennifer)

Current balance $12, 278.99 (recent purchases not reflected)

8. Next Meeting: Tuesday January 08, 2013 at 6 pm