NORAD’s Santa Tracker

As you might know, if you read a similar post from last year, one of my favourite holiday traditions is NORAD’s Santa Tracker.  For those in our LFPS community who celebrate Christmas, Santa’s visit is only one sleep away!  Aside from my love of the holidays, I also have a real interest in military aviation (it is Mr. Parish writing this post) so how much I love this website should not be a surprise!  


NORAD tracks Santa via Rudolph’s bright red nose.  Just one more reason why Rudolph needed to join Santa’s reindeer team!  Check out the Santa Claus tracker by clicking here.  It is a wonderful (and fun) way to learn about different parts of the world as Santa makes his visits over the course of the day.  


Interested in learning how NORAD came to track Santa?  Check out this CTV website article. It’s a great story!


I wish everyone in our LFPS community a wonderful holiday eve, filled with extra time for family and good cheer.



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