Halloween Costumes

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I wanted to send out some general information around Halloween costumes. Leslie Frost will recognize Halloween on the actual date of Halloween which is Monday, October 31.

Students are welcome to wear their costumes if they wish. However, students are equally welcome to simply wear orange and black. If a student chooses to wear their costume at school, there is always the risk that it might get damaged or dirty.

Inflatable costumes or costumes that are oversized are usually problematic. Wearing them in the classroom is awkward as they take up a great deal of space. These types of costumes are much more likely to be damaged at school. Masks cannot be worn at school as staff need to be able to identify students. Costumes should be culturally appropriate. The general rule of thumb is that you should not wear a costume or outfit from a culture that is not your own.

In terms of Halloween parties in the classroom, any candy or food that is sent in needs to be peanut and tree nut safe as we have school community members who are allergic to these items.

The above being said, we are looking forward to seeing the many creative costumes and ideas our students will come up with!

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