The Green Team at Leslie Frost is getting into full swing. Recently at an assembly the Recycling Team (AKA Mme Steffler’s class) performed skits to inform students about proper recycling procedures. Classes from Grade 3-8 have each selected two Eco Reps to help spread the word about some of our upcoming initiatives. On October 22 we had our first ‘power down day’ where we were extra conscious of turning off lights, computers and other electricity using devices. Our Eco Reps recorded how many minutes we went with reduced or no electricity! We will be having another one on November 22. Also in November, we have Litterless Lunch Days each Friday to see how much waste we can reduce by reusing containers and packing biodegradable snacks like fruit. Each week, the class with the least amount of waste will win a special trophy! Check out the following link for some fantastic tips for packing a litterless lunch on a balanced day cycle:

~ Mme Steffler