Trustees approved a motion to put off offering a new extended day program in schools which will have full-day kindergarten this fall. The Ministry of Education had intended schools with the full day early learning program to also offer extended day programming before and after school; however, in all of the Board’s surveys, there was little interest on the part of parents.

“Based on our information, there is no viable site to offer the program,” said Superintendent of Business, Bob Kaye.

The Board undertook an expression of interest more than once, said Director of Education Larry Hope.

“There just isn’t the interest at this time,” he said. “We looked at various options to make the service viable – and we even polled families regarding sibling use of such a service.”

The Board has hired 10 early childhood educators to participate with elementary teachers in full-day kindergarten classrooms. There will be 11 such classrooms in the Board this fall, and four more in the fall of 2011.

The Board must now indicate to the Ministry of Education that they have undertaken a survey and that they have shared information with neighbouring boards and community partners regarding fee calculation for the proposed service.

Talks with local service providers will continue in order to develop a future foundation for comprehensive early childhood education.