Daily Screening Tool – Please Complete Each Morning

As we prepare to head back to school after the holiday break, a reminder that the Ontario “School and child care screening” tool should be completed for each child in your home before they go to school or child care each day.  The link to the screening tool is here or you can paste the link below into your browser:




In terms of whether your child should come to school, please follow the instructions provided in the screening tool.  As well, please carefully read all of the information provided on the screens including the final green/red screen (which indicates whether you can or cannot go to school).  This information is extremely important.  For example, while the screen may come up as green (good to go to school) the additional information on the screen may indicate that you should stay home for other reasons (e.g., you do not feel well or you have other symptoms not listed in the tool).


The screening tool should be done daily as it is periodically updated by the Ontario government.


As always, I appreciate our families’ efforts in using the screening tool and keeping their children home when required.  I recognize the inconvenience of keeping children home but appreciate our community’s efforts in keeping illness out of the school as much as possible.  


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