crosscountryCongratulations to the Leslie Frost Cross Country Team! Our proud and strong 54 runners are coming back from the Meet with great results thanks to their hard work and for setting high goals for themselves. Many students have received ribbons for coming within the first 10 of their race and 3 students were presented with a medal for coming within the first 3 of their race. Keep in mind that for many of those races,
around 150 students were running at a time. Several of our runners placed within the first 50 of their race which a great accomplishment when considering the huge number of runners. Here are some results:

Students with a medal:

Megan Gordon: 1st place
Ariana Tesic: 3rd place
Marc Marchand: 3rd place

Students with a ribbon:

Taylor Dooley: 4th place
Katrina Tesic: 4th place
Maddie Gordon: 5th place
Elena Marchand: 5th place
Miranda Gordon: 6th place
Temisia van Biljouw-Bath: 10th place

And Yes! Again this year we are coming back with a winning team. Last year the Primary Boys won, this year, for the first time ever for our school, the Intermediate Girls won their race and came back with a plaque that we are to keep for the year! What a great accomplishment! We are very proud of you all!

Another reason for us to be very proud of the runners from Leslie Frost is the stellar behaviour and great sportsmanship that every single one of them has demonstrated. Lions, you represented our school admirably!

Our students have realized that there are many great runners within Trillium Lakelands District School Board and that we are among them! Thank you for the help of all who contributed their time to make this possible.

In order to train for the Meet, our students trained daily for the first month of school. Thank you to all teachers involved: Mme Bratina, Mrs. Lake, Mme Tripp (and Mlle Morton and Mme Timmins for covering for us at times!).

Our students were able to practice three times at Ken Reid thanks to many staff members, parents and alumni who contributed their time and came out after school to help make the activity safe, enjoyable and productive.

A big thank you to our parent and teacher runners: Mme Bratina , Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. Keay, Mrs. Lake, Mr. Mc Reelis, Mrs. Schendera, Mrs. Stinson-James, Mr. Mabee, Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Marchand. A big thank you to our spotters on their bikes: Mr. Lagacé, Mrs Medhurst, Jeffrey Rose and Naomie Grenier-Pleau. A big thank you to our spotters on the trails: Mme Grenier, Mlle Morton, Mme Tripp, Isabelle Grenier-Pleau, Chloe Anderson-Duvall, Ève and Yannick Leclerc-Racine.

Thank you also to the parents who, on the Meet day, drove our Primary students back to the school. As you can tell, our great results come from great team work! Well done everyone!

~ Mme Lavigne