On Wednesday, October 20th, each class from grades 3 to 8 will elect 2 “eco-reps”. These students will attend our “Green Team” meetings which will be held once every cycle. You will be working with Mme Waterhouse, Mme Steffler, Mme McLeod, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Medhurst, and Mr. Sornberger, to help make Leslie Frost a greener, more environmentally friendly school, as well as help to plan and prepare for special activities throughout the year. Your job will be to attend our meetings, learn about our monthly initiatives, and then to encourage your classmates to reduce, reuse, and recyle. If you are interested in becoming an “eco-rep” please let your teacher know by Tuesday. On Wednesday, each class will choose their 2 eco-reps for this school year. Teachers, please send the names of your 2 students to the office, following announcements on Wednesday, October 20th. Thank you, and stay green!