www.nativedrums.ca is a website dedicated to the understanding and purpose of traditions around singing and drumming from the perspective of First Nations People.

www.dodemkanonhsa.ca DODEM KANONHSA’ Elder’s Cultural Facility is a learning and sharing facility which fosters greater acceptance, understanding and harmony between members of First Nations and Non-Aboriginal People. DODEM is Anishinabem (Ojibwe) meaning ‘clan’ and KANONHSA is Kenienkaha (Mohawk) meaning ‘lodge’.

www.powwows.com PowWows.com is the leading site for Pow Wow singers and dancers.The site features a unique combination of event information, user forums. Visitors can listen to Pow Wow songs, upload pictures to the Gallery and watch videos of dance styles.

www.nativeearth.ca Native Earth Performing Arts is dedicated to creating, developing and producing of professional artistic expression of the Aboriginal experience in Canada.

www.indigenoustheatre.com The Centre for Indigenous Theatre is a training institution with a mandate to develop Native theatre professionals.

www.morningstarriver.com MorningStar River is a Toronto based cultural education group which specializes in traditional First Nations song & dance.

www.redpepperspectaclearts.org Red Pepper Spectacle Arts has worked closely with Toronto’s Native Community and continues to support the achievement of Aboriginal Students.

www.miziwebiik.com Miziwe Biik provides the Greater Toronto Area’s Aboriginal community with training initiatives, employment services, list of resources and revelant weblinks to Aboriginal society.

www.canab.com The Canadian Aboriginal Festival is an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal Peoples throughout Canada and has dedicated an entire day to Aboriginal Education.