LFPS Remembered

While this post is belated, its message is an important one: LFPS’ marking of last Friday’s Remembrance Day.  Thank you to Mr. Bill Neville from the Lindsay Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion who spoke to our students last Wednesday, November 9.  Mr. Neville, a veteran from the Royal Navy, spoke about the wars in which Canadian soldiers fought and died and why we mark Remembrance Day.  As well, he talked about the accomplishments of Lindsay veterans from the past and present.  Finally, he answered student questions (of which our students had many).  On November 11, 4 of our students worked with Ms. Newman to present a virtual Google Meet in which our school recognized Remembrance Day, learned why we recognize this day and learned more about the day.  These four students helped us to mark Remembrance Day in a very school appropriate way.  At 11:00 am, Leslie Frost Public School recognized a minute of silence across the school.