LFPS Terry Fox Run – Wednesday, September 28

LFPS’ Terry Fox Run will take place on Wednesday, September 28.  Specific details will be provided later this week regarding when students will be outside walking and running on this date.

“I want to set an example that will never be forgotten.” 

42 years after Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope, few would argue that Terry Fox is one of Canada’s greatest and most recognizable symbols.  I can’t think of a better quote by Terry Fox that sums up what he has achieved.  More than $850 million raised and major breakthroughs in the battle against this horrific disease – all because of his dream.

Support Terry’s dream and recognize his accomplishments.  Fundraise and donate what you can for LFPS’ Terry Fox Run on Wednesday, September 28.

How to donate?  Whenever possible, we are asking families to donate online.   Our school’s fundraising page on the Terry Fox website is at:


If you are unable to donate online, donations can be given to homeroom staff.  Even a loonie or toonie makes a huge difference!

Every cent truly counts.