Have a Wonderful and Safe Summer!

One year down at Leslie Frost Public School!


As our students head off for their summer vacation, I wanted to send out an end of year message.  Thank you for making me and Ms. Newman feel so welcome in the Leslie Frost community.  Entering our third school year impacted by Covid seemed a challenging situation at times.  Regardless of this, the warm and welcoming smiles of our students (and the families whom I regularly met at the main walkers’ gate in the morning and at night) quickly made Leslie Frost Public School feel like home.   


We certainly had our share of trials and tribulations this year.  I mentioned to the grade 6s at their Farewell Ceremony that we survived an early in the year emergency evacuation due to a sewage overflow (a bit on the gross side), we almost had to evacuate again for the same reason, a power outage or two, having to wear masks and then not having to wear masks, having to go home if you had any Covid-like symptoms, a lot of student and staff illnesses and simply making it through to the school year’s end doing in-person learning!  There is rarely a dull moment in a school.


Yet, here we are on the final day of school having survived and thrived.  Hopefully, Covid will remain largely behind us as we head into September.  I am definitely looking forward to having a full year to see all of our students without masks on their faces.  It certainly is not the easiest thing getting to know kids when most of their face is covered.  The situation was even worse in the winter when students’ faces were covered with a mask and a toque, and all one could see was an inch or two of eyes!  Our kids have no doubt been impacted by the last two and a half years.  However, our kids have equally demonstrated resilience and “stick with-itness.”  The resilience and “stick with-itness” is, of course, part of the reason our kids will be successful in the future. 


A taste, hopefully, of what next year will bring was shown in late May and June of this year as trips and other activities ramped up.  It was not hard to tell that our students were more than a bit excited to go on even the most simple of excursions such as a splash pad!  


On behalf of the staff, I would like to wish our Leslie Frost community a safe and enjoyable summer.  I hope everyone has some time for vacation and quality family time together.  We return to school on Tuesday, September 6.  We will all be recharged, refreshed and ready for the upcoming school year.


Ms Newman and I look forward to getting to know the school community even better,