Grade 6 Farewell Ceremony – Last Thursday, June 23

While this post is somewhat belated, the thought certainly is not.  The cake says it all: “Best of luck, Lions”.


Congratulations to our grade sixes who celebrated their Farewell Ceremony at Central Senior Public school last Thursday, June 23.  Our grade sixes looked wonderful as they received their certificates and awards.  They are ready to head off to grade 7 next year!  You will be missed by the Leslie Frost staff.


Thank you to all of the staff involved in making the night a success!  Thanks also to Ms. Colleen Wilcox, our school’s trustee, who attended and brought greetings from the board.  She truly enjoys getting to meet students, especially on important evenings such as these. 


It certainly felt normal again to have a large, in-person event at school.  Finally getting to meet a large section of our school’s families was equally amazing!  


Grade sixes, we wish you all of the best as you prepare for the next stage of your educational journey.