Report Card Distribution on Tuesday, June 28

A reminder that First Term Report Cards go home next Tuesday, June 28 and will be sent out electronically (via email).  The emails will begin going out at 5:00 pm.  

The electronic distribution of report cards went smoothly for the First Term Report Cards in February so I am crossing fingers that it goes smoothly again this time (which I am sure it will!).   


I would expect that there will be a few minor issues with Report Cards that go out on Tuesday.  Some potential issues include:

  • missing or incorrect email addresses for parents and guardians
  • the time it takes for all Report Cards to be sent out (with so many Report Cards being sent out (with our school and across the entire system) it sometimes takes several hours for all reports to be sent out and for the link to work)


The key information you need to know is:

  • they will be sent out beginning at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 28
  • the email that you receive on the 28th will provide you with a link to download the Report Card
  • to open the Report Card you will require a password; the password is the student’s birthdate in the format of mm/dd/year; a student born on February 4, 2018 would have the password of 02/04/2018


Be Patient

  • if you don’t receive a Report Card email or it does not work, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know on Wednesday morning
  • if the provided link does not work immediately, give it some time (wait an hour or two and try again; even try it on Saturday)