It’s Pi Day!

While Pi Day takes place over the March Break, Lions, I would still encourage our school community to take a moment to consider the reason behind the day.  Or, better yet, take a moment to consider the day AND enjoy a slice of your favourite pie!  Interested in learning more, check out this website on Pi Day.  As students head into the Intermediate grades, they learn that Pi is a mathematical constant that is usually rounded to 3.14 and they also learn about why it is important.  March is the 3rd month of the year and today is the 14th day of the month which matches the “3.14” of Pi.

If you in any way enjoy appreciate math, then Pi Day is the day for you!  As someone with a definite sweet tooth (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), I will be baking and enjoying my favourite: lemon meringue pie.  Another reason to recognize the day?  March 14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  And, being upfront, there is NO way I could bake a pie as well as the photo on this post!