Parent-Staff Interviews, PA Day and Board Holiday

Good Morning LFPS Community,


This is certainly a busy week!


This Wednesday, November 24 is our Staff-Teacher Interview Night.  Staff will be meeting with the families of their students (either via telephone conversations or Google Meet) over the course of the evening (the evening runs until 8:30 pm).  Your child’s homeroom staff member should have reached out by now to have scheduled an interview for that evening.  Some staff do conduct some of their interviews on other days depending on their availability.  If your child’s homeroom teacher has not reached out to you yet, you should contact them to arrange for an interview.  


Thursday, November 25 is a PA Day for our students.  Staff will be involved in Professional Development at the school while students will enjoy the beginning of an extra, extra long weekend!


Friday, November 26 is a TLDSB board designated holiday.  This is what will provide students with their extra, extra long weekend!  I hope all of our families have the opportunity for additional time together and the opportunity to get things done around their home.  Personally, I am hoping to enjoy some time reading (one of my passions and I just started a new book). 


We will see students and staff alike back at school on Monday, November 26.  At that point it will seem a bit hard to believe that December’s beginning is just around the corner.