Jersey Day This Friday, November 19!

This Friday, November 19 has been designated as Jersey Day across the TLDSB.  Why?  Part of the reason is for school spirit (always a good thing).  The other reason is to raise money to support the TLDSB’s “Feed All Four” programme.  Want to learn more about the Feed All Four programme – simply click on the link below.  It’s a GREAT programme and one that supports local TLDSB families in need.

Feed All Four link

or paste the link below into your browser

What is the day all about?  Wear the jersey of your own team, a favourite team, club, or league jersey (Mr. Parish, who is writing this email, now wishes he had a Dallas Cowboys jersey to wear to school!).  If you can, donate a toonie (or whatever amount you can).  Your homeroom teacher will collect the money, bring to the office and the school will provide all of the money collected to the TLDSB to support the Feed All Four programme.

Lions – let’s make LFPS a sea of jerseys this Friday!