Reminder: Progress Reports Go Out This Friday, November 12

Good Afternoon LFPS Community,


A reminder that Progress Reports (which go out this Friday, November 12) will be sent out electronically this year.  


I did electronic report cards at my previous school for all three sets of report cards last year and each one became progressively more efficient.  I would expect that there will be some issues with the Progress Reports that go out on Friday.  Some potential issues include:


  • incorrect email addresses for parents and guardians


  • parents and guardians who have not provided an email address


  • the time it takes for all Progress Reports to be sent out (with so many Progress Reports being sent out (with our school and across the entire system) it sometimes takes several hours for all reports to be sent out and for the link to work)

The key information you need to know is:


  • they will be sent out beginning at 4:00 pm on Friday, November 12


  • the email will provide you with a link to download the Progress Report


  • to open the Progress Report you will require a password; the password is the student’s birthdate in the format of mm/dd/year; a student born on February 4, 2018 would have the password of 02/04/2018

Be Patient


  • if you don’t receive a Progress Report email by 7:00 pm on Friday, November 12, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know (staff members may not check their message system until Monday, so it may take until then to resolve the issue), or you can contact Ms. White or Ms. Clarke in the office on Monday


  • if the provided link does not work immediately, give it some time (wait an hour or two and try again; even try it on Saturday)


Final Notes


Once the wrinkles are worked out of the system, it works well in the long run.  This is good for the environment as we are avoiding the printing of thousands of pages of reports.  As we move to an increasingly electronic and digital world, having your child’s report card available in a digital format makes it easier to access for most people (no more searching around for a paper report!).  And, inevitably, when we did paper versions of report cards, more than a few would go missing each year before they got home.  I will freely admit that we “found” one or two of our kids’ report cards in the bottom of backpacks a week or two after they had been sent out.