Halloween Celebrations at LFPS Friday October 30th 2020

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Halloween Celebrations

We are planning on celebrating Halloween at LFPS on Friday October 30th. Students are permitted to wear orange and black or a costume. If they are wearing a costume they are asked not to bring any props that may become lost or damaged. They are also asked to not wear any full face masks. Students are still required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs at all times while inside the school even on Halloween.  Please ensure that your child can get in and out of the costume independently to reduce close contact. Arriving in their costume or a costume that can go over their regular clothes may be your best option.

We are asking that students do not bring in any treats to share with their class as we are trying to keep contact touch points to a minimum. Treats will not be handed out even if individually wrapped. Treats include both edible and nonedible items.

If students want to have a special snack in their own lunch, that is fine but please ensure that it is peanut free.