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We are beginning the process of collecting student belongings for distribution to families next week.

Families with students in grades JK to grade 4 inclusively will drive through the staff parking area and pull up to the outdoor gym doors. Please have your family name written on a piece of paper and hold it to your car window. If you have a student in JK-4 you are welcome to come anytime between 9:00 and 3:00 PM on Wednesday June 3rd and Thursday June 4th. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer and complete the Covid 19 survey prior to your arrival on school property.

The staff member will retrieve the items for you and put them in your trunk.

Do not get out of your vehicle

If you have a student in grades 5 or 6 or in Mr. Noble’s portable your student (only) will be assigned a time to retrieve their items from their portable. You will be given a specific time to enter and exit the portable. Please reach out to your teacher if you do not have an assigned time by Tuesday at 3:00PM. If you child will be entering the portables please read the attached document.

We will be collecting all library books, guided reading books and textbooks when you drive through or the student goes to their portable.

We are not collecting chrome books at this time.

All lost and found items will be on display in the circular bus lane at the front of the school. Please maintain a minimum of 2 metre physical distancing and use hand sanitizer when looking for items at the lost and found station.

If you wish to send someone in your place to pick up your child’s items please message your child’s teacher and let them know who will be coming in your place.

Please ensure to use hand sanitizer and maintain a safe physical distance at all times.

The retrieval of items will be taking place on Wednesday June 3rd and Thursday June 4th from 9:00AM- 3:00PM.

Please complete the covid 19 survey at the above link before entering school property.

Thank you and please stay safe.