A Poem for All Educators

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‘Twas the night before going online when in many a house
The teachers were stressing with each click of the mouse.
Devices and papers were strewn everywhere
In hopes that the students would notice such care.
The children were isolating, staying safe in their beds
While visions of Netflix danced in their heads.
With me in my sweatpants and an old baseball cap
No time for a shower, would kill for a nap!
When on my device there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my couch and made my cats scatter.
I checked in my inbox and saw a red dot
More info? More changes? My face got all hot.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a notification from a student so dear!
“Hi Miss, It’s me, I miss you so much!
I hope you are healthy, staying safe and such.
Thank you for making a classroom online
I know that together we’ll get through this fine.”
So to all of you teachers on this last crazy night,
If you keep them in mind, you’ll be doing it right!