Pediculosis Policy and Procedure

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Pediculosis-head lice

As the cooler weather arrives we often see a rise in the number of cases of pediculosis in schools. Head checks are done at the school by volunteers. If your child has live head lice you will be called and asked to pick up your child as soon as you are able. If your child has nits your child is permitted to remain at school but we will call you so that you can take a look at your child’s hair that night and address the issue.

The Board recognizes that head lice is not a disease or health issue, but is a societal and community concern which needs to be managed through partnership with parent(s)/guardian(s), students, staff and school community. The treatment and eradication
of head lice is ultimately the parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility.

If a student in your child’s classroom has live head lice a notice will go home with all students in the class informing parents/guardians that a child in that class has head lice. The child’s name will not be released.

Please remind your child to not share hats, brushes or headbands. It is also recommended to tie hair up when possible.

If you have any questions about the policy and procedure for addressing pediculosis please call the school at 705 324-5602.