What is Feed All Four?

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Feed All Four was developed out of an ongoing need to align teaching and learning with safe and accepting schools, mental health, healthy active living, and student well-being. Research indicates that supporting the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of an individual increases a sense of well-being, connectedness and resilience, and improves student achievement.

The body, mind, spirit, and emotions of an individual need to be fed consistently in order to optimize achievement and well-being. Feed All Four is based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the First Nations medicine wheel. Classroom teachers can incorporate Feed All Four into classroom activities and a whole school approach may be utilized by school communities. Our community partners are invited to incorporate Feed All Four into their organizations and in the work they do with students.

We encourage families to use Feed All Four as a checkpoint for discussions and activities centred on well-being. The concept of Feed All Four continues to be shared widely across the province. Feedback from all of our stakeholders is extremely positive. Feed All Four has a positive impact on our school communities with the potential to change school culture, impact teaching and learning, and enhance well-being and achievement. Feed All Four also enhances and encourages parent and community engagement.

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