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Leslie Frost Family, November 14, 2017

The holidays are approaching and with them, Leslie Frost Holiday Concerts!

Please join us for two evenings of festivities involving community, family, music and the celebration of winter cheer! These dates are finalized, as are the venues, so please mark them on your calendars.

All costume needs, or clothing specifics (if any) will come from your child’s homeroom teacher.

Ticket request forms went home two weeks ago – please contact Mme Kherraji with ticket-related questions. Hopefully, you have returned your ticket request form that was sent home with your child. If not, no worries – we will be sure to have room for you at one of the two shows.

Please read further:

This year’s holiday concert will be fantastic. Those involved in music extracurricular activities and team-teaching have worked hard to guarantee something special for the kids, as well as a pleasant memory for families.

On the evening of December 14th, the Bell Choir, Band, Music Theatre Group, and Junior Choir will perform two shows
at Celebrations (formerly Queen Street United Church). These shows will be at 6:00 PM, and 7:30 PM respectively. Families of students involved will be given tickets to one of the two concerts. As you wait – while your child performs in the concert that your ticket is not designated for – your family and friends will be hosted downstairs. Both performances are exactly the same. This venue is so beautiful, and rewards the students with a rich performance experience -–definitely worth playing twice; definitely worth waiting 45 minutes (and socializing!) for your young performer’s benefit. :0)

The previous evening – December 13th – proves to be equally fun! Each class from grades 1-4 will perform music, dance, and/ or a dramatic presentation. The Primary Choir will also perform. This will also be two concerts back-to-back, but this time at LCVI – a future high school for many of our students.

Kindergarten and SK/1 classes will contact parents to be part of whatever plans those classes have chosen. Their turn for a large concert will come. This is a very long evening!

Having two performances at LCVI on the 13th will accommodate the high ticket demand from our large student population. The first concert will be from 5:30-6:30 PM. The second will be from 7:00-8:00 PM.

Mr. Chris Schweitzer, principal of LCVI, has generously offered us more than enough classrooms for kids to wait/ congregate/ prepare, as well as the spectacular gymnasium with its stage, lights and sound. He has also provided the common area with television as a place for families to mingle while they wait for their children (as they perform). The parents who are ticketed for the second show will enjoy mingling in this area during the first performance. They will then sit and enjoy the second show while the first seating mingles, as they wait for their child or children.
The kids get to perform their concert twice!

Thanks so much for being positive and supporting a festive holiday season for kids!


The Holiday Concert Team