Information Update

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We have a number of students and staff who have severe allergies in our school. For this reason we are a nut, shellfish, fish and fragrance free school.
Sometimes our students use wow butter, this has been avoided as well, as we are not sure if it is different than a nut butter. It is difficult to pack lunches at the best of times, and we realize that this is an inconvenience to many, but essential to those who are at risk in our school.
We appreciate your support as always.
Newsletters are sent home at the beginning of each month to youngest in the family. They are also sent by email and are posted on peach jar and our website.
If you did not receive this newsletter please let us know.
Some of our teachers also send home a newsletter to let you know about the learning for their class in the upcoming month, some use technology to share this information.
We will include this message in our next newsletter to ensure we have enveryone’s email on file.
Thank you for Growing and Learning together at Leslie Frost

Linda OLeary and Cheryl Medhurst