Tuesday Morning! Bienvenue!!

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When you arrive at Leslie Frost on Tuesday a number of staff will greet you at the doors and on the yard. Supervision is provided from 8:35am, till the entry bell at 8:50am.
Our Junior Kindergarten Students will enter the doors in our yard 5 as they arrive from 8:35 onwards. This is the area inside the “U” shape of our school.
Mrs. Ahern and Mrs. Medhurst will be at our buses helping students find their way, and to answer any question they might have.
If you drive your child to school, many of our parents use the parking lot at the church to park and then use the cross walk. Students also use the entrance walkway south of the school, off Maple Place, or the park entrance to the west of us.
We do not allow cars into our parking lot for drop off. It affects the safety of our students. We have 28 buses that arrive and leave us, and extra cars create congestion and unsafe situations. We have been so appreciative of your support with this.

The Daily Schedule looks like this:
Day Begins: 8:50 am
First Nutrition break: 10:50-11:10am
Recess: 11:10-11:30 am.
Second Nutrition break: 12:50-1:10pm
Recess: 1:10-1:30
Dismissal: 3:10 pm

It is extremely important that all of our students are coming to school on time. It is a great way to begin the day. They hear announcements and are able to make important connections with their peers and teachers.
If your child will be away you may communicate this ahead of time with the teacher for scheduled appointments, or call the school 705 324 5602 to let us know your child is away.
We had many room changes over the summer, and just last week. A list of teachers and rooms is provided in the link.
LFPS Teachers, Staff and Room Numbers